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Important development from Hacettepe for migraine research
The research of our faculty members at the Institute of Neurological Sciences and Psychiatry has been one of the most important developments in the field of migraine in the last 20 years.
Upper Mesopotamia, the fusion center of Neolithic cultures
Hacettepe University Human_G Ancient DNA Laboratory revealed the genetic history of people who lived in Mesopotamia.
Research Priority Areas Report published
The report, in which the research areas that will be focused on the basis of competence, has been published.
Subject Distribution Analysis of Hacettepe Addressed Publications
The Analysis of Subject Distribution of Hacettepe University Addressed Publications report has been published.
Our researchers are in Nature journal
Hacettepe University researchers are in Nature for their work providing proof-of-concept for a multi-omics approach which can be utilized in defining mitochondrial protein functions.
Ten Millennia of Hepatitis B Virus Evolution
The genome analysis of the Hepatitis B virus obtained from 137 ancient individuals, including samples from Turkey, was published in the journal Science.
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“Digital Transformation in Turkey’s Music Industry: Cultural Producers and Platformization” research project, conducted by Prof.Dr. Mutlu Binark, from 2021 to 2022, Hacettepe University Faculty of Com...
23.11.2022 | Projects - Publications
Prof. Dr. Utku Perktaş's research shows that the red-backed fairywren will lose a subspecies and a significant part of its genetic diversity by 2070 due to climate change.
22.11.2022 | Research - Publications
One of the most influential advances in migraine research over the last 20 years is from Hacettepe
21.11.2022 | Research - Publications
Our Faculty Member of the Institute of Neurological Sciences and Psychiatry Assoc. Dr. Şefik Evren Erdener won the 2022 TÜBA Outstanding Young Scientist Award.
21.11.2022 | Awards
Hacettepe University 2018-2021 Period Gender Equality Current Situation Analysis report has been published
09.11.2022 | Research - Publications
Elastomer-based vibration damping isolators were developed as a result of scientific studies on rubber science and technology by Prof. Dr. Murat Şen and his team (Instructor Dr. Davut Aksüt and Resear...
08.11.2022 | Research
Hacettepe University faculty member Prof. Okan Bülent Yıldız, MD has received "Walter Futterweit Clinical Research Excellence" award in the United States.
08.11.2022 | Research - Awards
The study conducted at Hacettepe University Department of Anthropology Human_G Ancient DNA Laboratory revealed the genetic history of people who lived in Mesopotamia during the Neolithic Period.
07.11.2022 | Publications
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Making scientific publications in internationally respected resources is an important feature defining research universities. Hacettepe University has been in the first place for years in our country in terms of the number of published research articles.