Nefes Alan Yerleşkeler
Campus Life in Numbers
Students Having Food Daily
Student Dormitory Capacity
m2 Library Area
m2 Sports Facilities Area

In the dining halls located in Sıhhiye and Beytepe campuses, our students and staff are offered breakfast, lunch and dinner, rations, lunch box, special day menus and alternatively vegetarian menus. There are also numerous outdoor and indoor food and beverage points for students to use within the campus.

With a total capacity of 2357 rooms in the student dormitories operated by the Department of Health Culture and Sports within our university, housing services are provided to 4159 students in Beytepe Campus and 1565 students in Sıhhiye Campus. There are canteens in our dormitories that sell to meet the basic needs of our students.

Hacettepe University has one of the richest libraries in our country. With its strong electronic resource collection, qualified services, access to resources such as e-journals, e-books, e-references, e-thesis is provided in 100+ databases. 140 000+ e-books and 200000+ printed book collections serve students and academicians.

Beytepe Campus offers indoor multipurpose gym, fitness room, table tennis room, outdoor sports fields 2 tennis courts, tent tennis and basketball court, 2 carpet courts and athletic track stadium, and Sıhhiye Campus offers basketball and volleyball hall with a capacity of 500 people, fitness room, aerobic solo, fighting hall, table tennis room and sports facilities.

Hacettepe University health centers have a total of four service areas: Primary Care Treatment Services, Personal Protective Services, Psychological Interview and Psychotherapy Services and Environmental Protection Services. Specialists and general practitioners, dentists, psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, laboratory technicians, X-ray technicians and other support personnel are employed in the health centers.

Accessible Campuses

Necessary arrangements are made in our campuses in order to facilitate the education life and social participation of students with disabilities who receive higher education at our university. In this regard, various awards were given to our university due to its socio-cultural activities and its work on access to places.

Mini Hacettepeli and Ayser and İhsan Doğramacı Kindergarten are offered in the Sıhhiye Campus, and Beytepe Kindergarten and preschool education opportunities are offered in Beytepe campus. These kindergartens benefit from the academic knowledge and research findings of the relevant units of our university in educational practices.

With the Cultural Center established on an area of 3500 m2 in the Sıhhiye Campus and the Tunçalp Ozgen Congress and Cultural Center with a capacity of 1600 people in Beytepe Campus, fully equipped services are offered for all kinds of national and international congresses, seminars, meetings, panels, courses, conferences, concerts, theaters, recitals, ballets, dances, folklore, auctions, exhibitions and bazaars.

The Sıhhiye Campus is located in the area between Ulus and Hamamönü districts, which is the first residential area of Ankara. This campus is a 10-15 minute walk from Sıhhiye, Kurtuluş, Kızılay, Opera and Samanpazarı. Beytepe Campus is located in Eskişehir Yolu Üniversiteler Mahallesi. Beytepe Campus can be reached by public transportation using the Kızılay-Çayyolu metro line. From Beytepe metro stop, the campus is reached by buses departing from Beytepe bridge. Transportation between Beytepe Campus and Sıhhiye Campus is provided by ring services.