World-Class Research University
Research Performance

Making scientific publications in internationally respected journals is an important feature defining research universities. Hacettepe University has been in the first place for years in our country in terms of the number of published research articles. The number of published research and review articles of our university has increased gradually over the years, reaching 3100+ per year as of 2021 (Figure 1). Hacettepe University has made a universal contribution to science with a total of 41000+ published research articles.

More than 90% of the publications produced by Hacettepe University are in the fields of medicine-health and science-engineering. When the distribution of Hacettepe University publications in accordance with research areas is examined, it is seen that pediatrics, chemistry and engineering publications rank among the top three. Out of the top 25 research areas, 16 are related to medical-health sciences, 8 to science-engineering sciences and 1 to social-humanities (Figure 2).

In the field of medicine-health category, pediatrics, oncology, neurology, pharmacology, surgery, cardiology, hematology, radiology, rheumatology, and immunology are among the top research areas considering research contribution. In the field of science-engineering category, the studies in chemistry, molecular biology, physics, materials science, mathematics, computer science, polymer science, food science and technology, crystallography, and geology, and in the field of social-humanities category, the activities in education, psychology, economics and sports sciences stand out.

Figure 1. Change of research articles and review studies from Hacettepe University by years (Source: Web of Science)

Figure 2.Distribution of research and review articles from Hacettepe University by research areas (Source: Web of Science)

Hacettepe University researchers carry out numerous and diverse research projects supported by the BAP Coordination Unit, national/international funding institutions (such as TÜBTAK, TUSEB, EU) and the public/private sector. As of 2021, the total budget of 1200+ projects supported by different institutions reached 260+ million TL (Table 1).

Table 1. Number and budget of research projects being carried out by Hacettepe University researchers in 2021 (transferred from the previous year + newly started) and funded by different institutions

Funding Source

Number of Projects

Project Budget, TL




European Union









Revolving Capital









Hacettepe University ranks at the top among state universities in the rankings published by different rating agencies (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Accomplishments achieved by Hacettepe University in international rankings