İlklerin ve Başarıların Üniversitesi

Hacettepe University and Service to Society

The three main functions of universities are recognized as learning and teaching, research, and service to society.

Hacettepe University has taken steps to adapt all its functions to global change and transformation in line with the realities of the country/world and the needs of society. One of these includes activities of service to society. Activities of service to society are expected to respond to the needs of society and the environment, including disadvantaged groups, and create value in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Institutional collaborations at national and international level, assignments to various public institutions and organizations, other activities such as education, service (health, sports, arts, cultural, etc.), research, consultancy, etc. are such activities.

Although, these activities carried out within the scope of service to society constitute the strengths of Hacettepe University, their limited inclusion in the 2018-2022 strategic plan is considered as the most important area for improvement. In the 2023-2027 strategic plan, in order to sustain activities of service to society, it is aimed to approach these activities in every aspect, to establish goals and objectives and to prioritize their monitoring.

In this context, the Service to Society Policy was determined with the broad stakeholder participation. The components of our service to society policy include education, research, social/cultural/sporting activities, health service delivery and consultancy. The activities carried out within this scope are regarded as evaluating the processes, realizing their implementation, monitoring and evaluating the service to society outputs in terms of quality and quantity, and carrying out the necessary improvement works by controlling the results achieved.

In line with the "United Nations Sustainable Development Goals", Hacettepe University's service to society processes are designed to maintain its strong commitment to sharing its values, knowledge, research results, physical infrastructure and facilities with the society. 

In order to achieve the targets set for activities of service to society and to realize the improvement recommendations identified within the scope of the strategic plan monitoring, efforts were made to structure the management and organizational processes related to service to society practices. The Service to Society Coordination was established and it is aimed to implement, evaluate and develop activities of service to society in line with service to society policies and in line with the, strategic plan goals and strategies. The organizational structure (appendix 1) has been created within the scope of the directive and has started its operations. It has published its first monitoring and evaluation report and continues its activities in line with the improvement suggestions by distributing them through unit representatives from across the institution.

Appendix 1. Organizational Structure