The University of Firsts and Achievements
Ethical Values and Principles

Core Values

Hacettepe University members act by the basic values and principles during the studies and activities to achieve the mission and vision of the institution and attach importance to the functioning of processes by corporate ethical values and principles as much as the desired results.

The core values of Hacettepe University are:

Academic Freedom: Academicians and students can conduct education, scientific and professional studies and research without any imposition and pressure.

Academic Integrity: Academicians and students fulfill the ethical and methodical standards sought in academic studies and act transparently, honestly and fairly in their studies.

Respect: At Hacettepe University, respectful and sensitive behavior is adopted by all stakeholders, social and natural values. In all actions, social norms and values are observed first, individual rights and freedoms are respected, efforts are made to expand these rights and freedoms in the field of corporate duty, and it is aimed to contribute to the development of sustainability and respect for nature as an example.

Sense of Responsibility and Accountability: Staff and students in their attitudes, behaviors and activities; act responsively and accountably, use university resources efficiently and economically by paying the utmost attention in their studies and expenditures, take responsibility and act sensitively in the protection of the environment and wildlife.

All employees take care of the public interest during the execution of publicly funded services, make an explaination and behave transparently about the use of resources and how and to what extent the task is carried out.

Work Discipline, Dedication, and Idealism: Hacettepe University staff and students always work devotedly and fulfill their responsibilities in the best way. Employees work with business discipline, cooperation, and a high sense of ownership in accordance with the corporate culture, with unaccountable and unhelpful dedication and idealism.

Quality and Confidence: The units of the university, together with all students and staff, said, "To the Leading Edge… Toward Being the Best..."by the culture; continue to seek quality and excellence in the fields of education, research, and service to the community. Accordingly, all employees and students; in line with their knowledge, abilities, and competencies, have a self-confidence approach based on self-criticism.

Participation: Students and staff are ensured to participate in management processes at all levels while maintaining their characteristics and idealisms. By valuing the opinions of all stakeholders, care is taken to reflect these opinions in decisions and services in institutional processes.

Innovation and Leadership: Hacettepe University acts willingly in the adoption of new concepts, technologies, and systems that arise in changing world conditions for faster and better-quality service, and acts in accordance with its leadership position with the service concept that will serve as an example to society and other institutions in accordance with its corporate culture.

Reliability: Students and staff carry out all kinds of activities responsively in the light of ethical principles, scientific criteria, and laws, and Hacettepe University components have the precondition that all members will behave in accordance with ethical values and principles.

Justice: Hacettepe University students and staff behave fairly in their work and decisions, regardless of any distinction between their stakeholders. Acts with a sense of institutional and social responsibility towards disadvantaged persons and groups in service delivery.

Merit: Both academic and administrative assignments and promotions are based on providing opportunities and giving duties to every one according to knowledge and experience.

Ethical Principles

Ethical principles comply with the principles of general ethics, management ethics and academic ethics in personnel, education and training, service activities, units and interpersonal relations. 

General Ethical Principles

  • Respect for human beings, human rights and freedoms is considered a basic principle.
  • Due to language, origin, color, bodily characteristics, gender, sexual orientation, political thought, faith, religion, sect and similar characteristics, people are not discriminated against and treated fairly in service delivery.
  • Honesty, integrity and openness are essential. 
  • Free discussion is provided at the university. Freedom of expression is respected, provided that it does not involve violence, hatred, anger, insults and slander.
  • Every staff member at the university performs their duties in the awareness of their rights and responsibilities. 
  • Duties and responsibilities are fulfilled in respect and solidarity. 
  • Institutions, services, services and social problems in general are embraced and eager to contribute during the tasks carried out.
  • Tasks are performed in a qualified manner by with their purpose. In all activities, attitudes, and behaviors related to the mission, care is taken to protect the reputation of the University. 
  • Sensitivity to the environment and society is shown, and general public interest and human benefit are taken into account in the decisions taken, activities and services offered.
  • The facilities of the university are not used for personal gain, and care is taken to use resources on-site and efficiently by the service requirements.
  • Personal opinions are not expressed on behalf of the university and in a binding manner to the university, misleading statements are avoided.
  • It is avoided to participate in non-university activities that disrupt or contradict the duties and obligations of the university.
  • In activities such as programs and activities that are included due to academic or professional qualifications, care is taken to make the name of the university known in the way it deserves.
  • Ethical violations are reported to the competent authorities by making the necessary warnings in the ethical sloppiness of their colleagues and students.
  • Maximum sensitivity is shown not to record or share the data contained within the scope of personal data and necessary personal and institutional measures are taken in this regard.
  • Gifts or treats are not accepted from the persons or institutions in which the service relationship is located. No debt or borrowed money is required from the persons or institutions in which the business or service relationship is involved.