Breathing Campuses
Library Facilities

Hacettepe University has one of the richest libraries in our country. With its strong electronic resource collection, qualified services, accessto e-journals, e-books, e-references, e-thesis    is provided in10 0+  database. 140 000+  e-books  and  200 000+ printed book collections  serve students and academicians.

Library of Health Sciences

There are 29,488 printed books and 54 thousand 8 printed journals in the Health Sciences Library with a seating capacity of 589 people with an area of 3,829 m² in the sanitary campus.

Beytepe Library

Beytepe Library, which has a seating capacity of 1119 people with an area of 7,986 m² in Beytepe campus, has 164,331 printed books and 36,469 printed hardcover journals.

Ankara State Conservatory Library

There are 9,212 printed books and 143 printed hardcover journals in the Ankara State Conservatory Library, which has a capacity of 21 people with an area of 560 m² in Beytepe campus.