Breathing Campuses
Meeting and Congress Facilities

With the Cultural Center established on an area of 3500 m2 in the Sıhhiye Campus and the Tunçalp Özgen Congress and Cultural Center  with a capacity of 1600 people in Beytepe campus,  fully equipped  services are offered for all kinds of national and international congresses, seminars, meetings, panels, courses, conferences, concerts, theaters, recitals, ballets, dances, folklore, auctions, exhibitions and  bazaars.

Cultural Center

The Cultural Center located in the sanitary campus is a complex built on an area of 3500 m2  and suitable for national and international events. 600-seat M Hall, Red and Green Hall for 260 people and 4 Halls with a capacity of 1240 seats under the same roof as R Hall for 120 people, The 200 m2Art Gallery, 550 m2Sub, 350 m2 Upper Foyer, 1000-seat Open Amphitheater are suitable areas where activities such as congress, panel, seminar, course, conference, ceremony, theatre, concert, recital, ballet, dance, folklore, auction, exhibition and bazaar can be held. The Cultural Center, which is used forour country's activities, can also be evaluated for event requests from outside our university under favorable conditions.  
All event areas include generators, fire detectors, automatic central air conditioning system, uninterrupted power supply and wireless internet network.
Fax, photocopying, internet and payphones and all kinds of communication services can be provided. With tools such as overhead, slide machine, video projector, lap-top, DVD, VCD, projection screen, whiteboard, stand-poster board, flip chart and videowall, scientific, note stand, instrument stands, conductor and choir podiums, concert sound and light systems, painting hanging apparatus, vertical knights, object stands and all kinds of artistic presentations can be made with the tools such as collar, head set and mobile microphones.
Cafe-break, cocktail, lunch box and other catering services are provided by our University. The Cultural Center has a 600-seat cloakroom.  
Elevator, disabled toilet and roads, patient transport stretcher and bicycle, stair dodge apparatus are offered to our elderly, disabled and sick guests.

Tunçalp Özgen Congress and Culture Center
The Tunçalp Özgen Congress and Culture Center located in Beytepe Campus, 1600-person capacity conference hall meeting rooms a ballroom an exhibition area a gallery all kinds of national and international congresses, seminars, meetings, panels, courses, conferences, concerts, theater, recital, ballet, dance, folklore provides services with all kinds of equipment for events such as auctions, exhibitions and fairs.