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Hacettepe University, which is a leader in medical education and one of the most respected institutions of our country in health research, has aimed to achieve excellence in health services since its establishment. Today, it is one of the leading health centers in Turkey, where all the tools and equipment required by modern medicine are used by employees with superior knowledge.

Hacettepe University Hospitals consist of Ihsan Doğramci Children's Hospital, Adult Hospital and Oncology Hospital accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International). In addition, there is Dental Hospital in Sanitary campus and Beytepe Hospital in Beytepe campus. Hacettepe University Hospitals is the first public hospital in Turkey with JCI standards. The JCI process, which first started in 2007, continues with hacettepe university hospitals being accredited as "Academic Medical Center Hospital" on January 21, 2018.

While health care is provided in our hospitals, a number of studies are applied. Thanks to the knowledge of the world's distinguished scientists working in the Medical campus, where medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, physical therapy and rehabilitation, faculties of health sciences and vocational school of health services are located, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of all diseases from the most common to the rarest are carried out. Hacettepe University Hospitals employ approximately 4000 health workers, 270 professors, 100 associate professors, 50 doctoral faculty members and 75 lecturers.

Hacettepe University Hospitals is a reference center that receives patient applications from all regions of Turkey and the world.