World-Class Research University
Research Hospitals

In addition to routine clinical services, in the laboratories of Hacettepe University Hospitals, scientific studies are carried out to develop new methods in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, including molecular/genetic diagnosis. Many projects are carried out in which up-to-date treatments are researched together with both domestic and international organizations.

Many well-known scientists who are competent in their fields and whose work has been awarded by national and international scientific organizations work in our hospitals. Our highly qualified researchers working in our hospitals regularly engage in domestic and international training activities every year and represent our country at the highest level with their activities. Academicians also cooperate with research laboratories and carry out many experimental and pioneering studies. When evaluated in terms of the articles published in international refereed journals and the number of citations to them, Hacettepe University Hospitals have been in the best position in Turkey for many years.

The Clinical Research Unit, which was established in 2009, carries out audit and regulation activities related to clinical research. At least 150+ clinical research projects are carried out instantly in our university hospitals. Clinical studies are not only decisive in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, but also guide the medical world by updating the diagnosis/treatment algorithms with their outputs. Research laboratories within Hacettepe University Hospitals are in close contact with the clinic and lead the way in diagnosing specific and rare diseases in our country and in the world.