Societal Contribution

Addiction Prevention Commission

The Hacettepe University Addiction Prevention Commission (HÜ-BMK) was established to conduct comprehensive preventive, early detection and treatment, and rehabilitation work on addiction issues within and/or outside Hacettepe University (HÜ). The Commission aims to contribute to the university's existing work on combating addiction by supporting the continuation of necessary subjective studies in addiction subheadings and ensuring that future studies are carried out in a coordinated manner. The fight against tobacco, alcohol addiction, substance addiction, and other behavioral addictions such as digital, games, internet, and gambling are among the priorities of HÜ-BMK. The Commission adopts the following priorities:

1. Continuation of preventive, treatment, and rehabilitation studies in four main areas in Hacettepe, in addition to situation assessment studies
2. Organization of activities for students
3. Continuation of activities for the community
4. Establishment and development of cooperation on the subject at the national level
5. Continuation of work at the international level

Commission Structure
The Commission carries out its work within the framework of the Hacettepe University Social Contribution Coordination (HÜ-TTK) works, which is affiliated to the HÜ Rectorate. The Commission is chaired by a Hacettepe University Vice Rector. In order to ensure the coordination of the Commission's work, one of the members serves as coordinator among the members.

The Commission has adopted an interdisciplinary working system due to the nature of the fight against addiction. For this purpose, expert academicians working within HÜ, representatives of the relevant Application and Research Center, representatives of the Health, Culture and Sports Department, and representatives of the Student Health Center work in the Commission. Commission members prioritize cooperation with student clubs on work topics.

The Commission carries out its work by holding regular meetings. An annual work calendar has been created. The work is carried out in accordance with the plans.


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