Societal Contribution

Societal Contribution Policy

Social contribution activities are expected to be value-creating activities that can respond to the needs of society and the environment, including disadvantaged groups, in line with the  United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Hacettepe University's social contribution policy;

  1. In line with the "United Nations Sustainable Development Goals", giving priority to interdisciplinary studies at participatory, national and international level in order to meet the needs of the world, our country and our city and to solve their problems,
  2. With the responsibility of being a research-priority university, it aims to provide the knowledge, services and technology it produces with the education it provides in the light of universal values and the knowledge, services and technology it produces with highly qualified individuals in the fields of science, technology, culture, art and sports for the benefit of society,
  3. Giving priority to the use of qualified research in the fields of medicine-health sciences, science-engineering sciences, social-humanities, culture and art, each of which is a pioneer in its own field in our country, for the benefit of society,
  4. In close relationship with policy-making and implementing institutions and organizations, directly participating in and influencing social service processes,
  5. With its university identity that "touches the society and is inclusive", sensitive to human and animal rights, environmentally friendly and keeping up with change,
  6. To transform the outputs of education and scientific studies existing in its tradition into social service, to use all kinds of scientific, artistic, sports knowledge and production for the benefit of society, and to share its physical infrastructure and opportunities with the society,
  7. Providing pioneering health services at national and international level,
  8. Aiming to contribute to the welfare of its country and humanity in a way that respects universal and social values.