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Project Office

HT-TTM Project Office is founded in 2013 to support the implementation of the project ideas from academics, industrialists, and entrepreneurs. The Project Office provides project preparation support for the participants to benefit effectively from national and international funding programs. Our experienced team consists of experts with experience in preparing and executing projects in national and international fund programs.

The services offered by the Project Office are as follows;

  • To track national and international funding programs,
  • To announce appropriate funding programs for academics, entrepreneurs, and companies,
  • One-on-one meetings with academics, entrepreneurs, and companies to develop projects,
  • To evaluate that the project ideas of academics, entrepreneurs, and companies by considering the R&D quality, infrastructure need, scientific and economic impact, common requirement and project budget, and to direct to appropriate funding programs,
  • Organizing the project application files according to the procedures and principles of the related program,
  • Answering questions from academics, companies, and entrepreneurs within the scope of projects and providing project writing support,
  • To make informative presentations about national and international funding programs to Faculties, Institutes, Departments and Departments within the University, Organized Industrial Zones, clusters, and other umbrella organizations outside the university.

Among the national and international fund programs supported by the Project Office

  • 1001 - Scientific and Technological Research Projects Support Program
  • 1002 - Rapid Support Program
  • 1003- Priority Areas R&D Projects Support Program (University-Industry Cooperation)
  • 1005 - National New Ideas Support Program
  • 1007- Public Institutions Research Support Program (University-Industry Cooperation)
  • 3501 - National Young Researcher Career Development Program
  • Financial Support Programs
  • Technical Support Programs
  • EU FRAMEWORK PROGRAMMES (Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe Programmes)
  • EU IPA (Pre-Accession Financial Assistance Instrument) Programmes

Our Project Office employees have met with 1200+ academicians since 2014, provided training to 2500+ people with 100+ training, and supported 400+ national and 160+ international projects.

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