University of Innovation
University-Industry Cooperation

HT-TTM University-Industry Cooperation Office serves to convert the knowledge acquired by the research carried out in our university into economic value by transferring it to the public and industrial sectors, to direct the technical needs of companies of different scales for R&D and innovation, to bring researchers and industry together to ensure sustainable cooperation.

The services offered by the office are as follows;

  • To identify potential R&D projects and/or directing existing R&D studies to the industry correctly and quickly,
  • To provide project development opportunities to academicians and industry through national and international funds,
  • To bring academicians who are experts in their field and industry together, to ensure that the projects are carried out with equity or national/international fund resources,
  • To transfer the knowledge of academics to the public and industry, to establish Public-University-Industry cooperations, and to coordinate administrative, legal and financial processes,
  • To create industrial meeting platforms,
  • To create new collaborations with industry-university focus group studies,
  • To support the commercialization of academic studies carried out by bringing academics and industrialists together,

Since 2009, our employees have held interviews with 1400+ institutions and organizations from the industrial and public sectors, made direct contact with 900+ researchers, and mediated the implementation of 1600+ contracted projects.


Hacettepe Technopolis Technology Transfer Center
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