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Technology Transfer

Hacettepe University has professional mechanisms to transfer its scientific knowledge to the relevant sectors. For this purpose, in 2008, Hacettepe Technopark Technology Transfer Center (HT-TTM) was established as a sub-unit of Hacettepe Technology Development Zone Administration Inc. and became a separate legal entity in 2009 under the status of a joint-stock company. HT-TTM has produced 100000000+ ₺ worth of technology transfer services with 1600+ contracted public-university-industry cooperation projects.

HT-TTM as one of the first Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) established in Turkey continues its operations as one of the exemplary TTO models funded by TUBITAK with the TEYDEB 1513 program (2013).

HT-TTM has also been successful in transferring its experience and knowledge as "Mentor TTO" for Preparation, Startup, and Capacity Building for Technology Transfer Offices to be established or established in universities. With both technical and practical experience gained since its establishment; it has served to 6 different universities as a "Guide TTO" to develop the necessary infrastructure on "Technology Transfer Mechanisms".

The main scope of HT-TTM's activities consists of:

  • Services to benefit from funding programs (Project Office)
  • Management and commercialization of intellectual and industrial rights (Patent Office)
  • University-industrial cooperation activities (KUSI Office)
  • Incorporation and entrepreneurship services (Entrepreneurship Office)

HT-TTM since its foundation has adopted the principles of confidentiality, cost-effectiveness, result-orientation, and strong coordination. We have adopted the principle of serving as an interface between the public-university-industry. In this context, the 5 key principles adopted by HT-TTM are as follows:

Working with Multiple Disciplines

Several types of information are often required for a project to succeed. Hacettepe University conducts academic studies in many branches such as medicine, engineering, science, business and economic sciences, pharmacy, health sciences, social sciences, and there are a high number of specialized units in each branch. HT-TTM has served as an interface by bringing the relevant branches in all the required subjects together.


Working cost-effectively is one of the priorities of HT-TTM. HT-TTM brings the resources required for projects together in the most efficient way, preventing the increase in costs.

Result Oriented Project Management

Projects require a large number of resources to be brought together. HT-TTM evaluates every request received as a project. It works with result-oriented contracts related to the activities. Combination of relevant resources, fulfillment of each stage of the project on time, and compliance with the initially determined costs are all monitored by HT-TTM.


For HT-TTM, confidentiality is the most fundamental element in projects between public-university-industry. "Confidentiality Agreement" is signed between the parties to ensure confidentiality and sustainability.

Coordination and Follow-up at Every Step

Determining hundreds of faculty members and dozens of laboratory facilities and bringing them together according to the project is an important function of HT-TTM. However, just gathering the resources is not enough for a project to be successful. The main system of HT-TTM is to follow up every step of the project by two experts, to add new elements that may be necessary to the project, and to pursue all these in close coordination.

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