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Quality Assurance System in Education and Teaching

Quality assurance activities at Hacettepe University are managed through the Integrated Quality Assurance System model. Hacettepe University, with a comprehensive quality management approach, examines the results of monitoring activities within the scope of strategic and process management, prepares reports containing recommendations, and implements continuous improvements.

Education and training activities are monitored using 5 goals and 22 performance indicators in line with the aim of strengthening the quality of education and training with technological, dynamic, and sustainable approaches stated in the Hacettepe University 2023-2027 Strategic Plan.

These goals are:

1) Strengthening the physical, technological infrastructure, and teaching competencies considering international current trends in education and training.
2) Developing education and training in a quality-oriented, scientific manner, in line with national goals and policies, and supporting students' individual development and adaptation to social life.
3) Disseminating multidisciplinary and accredited education and training programs that consider the competencies required by global competition, support research and entrepreneurship.
4) Supporting activities aimed at increasing the quality and recognition of diploma programs.
5) Supporting programs aimed at internationalizing educational activities.

Hacettepe University has developed institutional action plans for 22 performance indicators related to education and training activities and continues to monitor and evaluate them within the specified timetable.

Hacettepe University has also selected 6 out of the 22 performance indicators related to education and training as Key Performance Indicators:

1) Course satisfaction rate of students (%)
2) Rate of graduates working in jobs matching their qualifications
3) Number of doctoral graduates
4) Rate of accredited undergraduate programs
5) Rate of programs involved in self-assessment and/or peer assessment processes
6) Number of students entering the university by ranking in the top ten thousand in university entrance exams

As with all its policies, Hacettepe University has ensured the realization of its Education and Training Policy by aligning it with institutional strategic plan performance indicators.

Processes for the operation of PUKÖ cycles related to Education and Training processes are expressed through the Internal Quality Assurance System in Education and Training Processes at our university and are monitored according to the schedule.

Quality assurance at our university is carried out through the Self-Assessment Program, which is conducted annually for education programs by monitoring, improving, and reporting processes based on 'internal evaluation' criteria determined in line with education, research development, and social contribution goals.

Reports of the Self-Assessment Program, which will create inputs for the following Institutional Evaluation and Development Review (KİDR), are prepared by the Academic Unit Quality Commissions (A-BİKAK) using self-data and evidence obtained or reached in the process management of quality assurance, education, research development, and social contribution areas. After approval by the relevant unit boards, the report is uploaded to the Integrated Quality Assurance System (BKYS) with evidence.

Hacettepe University writes many evaluation reports for self-assessment purposes in the field of Education and Training.

Hacettepe University continues its efforts on Program Accreditation. The current list of accredited programs is available at the following link: [https://kalite.hacettepe.edu.tr/fs_/files/akreditasyon2024.pdf