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Academic Development Program

Hacettepe University Academic Development Program

The Academic Development Program (ADP) has been developed in line with the goal of the Hacettepe University 2023-2027 Strategic Plan to strengthen the physical, technological infrastructure, and teaching competencies, taking into account international trends in education and training. Its aim is to coordinate the continuous, sustainable, innovative, and participatory academic development of all faculty members at Hacettepe University.

The Academic Development Program (ADP) is implemented by the Lifelong Learning Center, the Sustainable Teaching and Learning Center, and the Project Support Office in collaboration with the Education and Instruction Coordination Office of our university.

The program consists of the following components:

1. Teaching Competency Development Program (TCP)
2. Research Competency Development Program (RCP)
3. Academic Life Skills Program (ALSP)

The Teaching Competency Development Program (TCP) aims to enhance teaching competence in a variety of areas ranging from basic teaching skills to contemporary student-centered, participatory, and technology-supported approaches. It is structured into two phases: Basic and Advanced Levels.

The Research Competency Development Program (RCP) aims to enhance research competence in a variety of areas ranging from basic scientific research management and reporting skills to high-level and innovative research execution skills. Training in this area is also divided into two levels: Basic and Advanced. Faculty members can benefit from the RCP program at both levels on a voluntary basis.

The Academic Life Skills Program (ALSP) aims to develop the social, technical, cultural, aesthetic, and ethical perspectives required by the era for Hacettepe University faculty members, thereby contributing to their subjective well-being and consequently to internal communication and collaboration within the institution. The program also focuses on developing competencies across professions, disciplines, and cultures. In this context, it may cover a wide variety of components and activities.

For more detailed information, you can review the Hacettepe University Academic Development Program information document.