Unique Learning Experience
Education and Teaching Policy

As a research university, the learning-teaching policy of Hacettepe University covers the establishment, execution and sustainability of a system that ensures its development by;

  • Training experts in the fields of medicine-health, science-engineering, social-humanities, culture and art, who discover, question, analyze and understand the problems of humanity, and solve them using their knowledge,
  • Training individuals who adopt ethical values, care and respect people and the environment at a high level, use information and technology effectively, are self-confident and able to express themselves, and have project-based working and teamwork skills,
  • Carrying out learning-oriented learning-teaching programs designed according to national and global needs with qualified instructors and training graduates with competency adapting to the changing world,
  • Monitoring and evaluating learning-teaching processes with stakeholder participation, and improving continuously in line with the results,
  • Ensuring student representation in decision-making processes related to learning-teaching,
  • Supporting learning-teaching with scientific and technological developments by ensuring its integration with research-development, social contribution and internationalization processes,

with a specialized teaching approach in accordance with scientific approach, critical thinking and applied learning and based on different scientific disciplines.