Unique Learning Experience
Opportunities for Students

To learn another foreign language, to take elective courses in subjects of your interests, to visit a university abroad in part of your education with exchange programs, to be a member of student communities and to participate in their activities, to receive support while shaping your post-university career. All of these, and more, are among the development opportunities that Hacettepe offers its students.

At Hacettepe, students can join and engage in over 100 communities to contribute to their social, cultural, and academic development.
The unit that guides the career development of students.
The Introduction to University Life Course is designed for newly enrolled students to adapt to university life more quickly and to get to know the university in various aspects.
The unit that offers qualified foreign language programs in Hacettepe with an expert academic staff.
The unit that supports students to be aware of their mental, emotional and social potential.
The unit where our students can take elective courses from a wide range of interest areas.
The unit organizes mobility support for students related to learning, internship, and volunteering activities within the scope of European Union programs.
The unit that organizes student exchange activities between higher education institutions and our university provides education abroad.
The unit that organizes student mobility activities among universities in Turkey.
Opportunities to get a bachelor's degree in a second major or to get a certificate with concurrent courses in the second undergraduate program you are interested in.
Accreditation bodies register that our units have national and international standards.